Samsung’s potential smart ring, “Curio,” might launch, expanding their wearable tech offerings.

Samsung, a prominent tech company, is embracing the trend of compact and multifunctional wearable devices, including smart rings. These devices can perform more than their traditional counterparts due to their “smart” features. Smartwatches, for instance, provide health data, messages, and more. Now, smart rings are emerging in this domain, with companies like Samsung showing interest.

As of 2023, Samsung is in the process of developing a smart ring, although it’s not yet available for commercial use. The journey so far involves trademark applications, potential names, and references in the Samsung Health app beta update. Recently, Samsung acquired a new trademark for a device categorized under “Class 9,” which includes smart rings and related software, wearable computers, and digital electronic devices. It’s possible that the smart ring might be named “Galaxy Curio,” but the final name remains uncertain.

The beta version of the Samsung Health app revealed that the anticipated smart ring might be named the “Samsung Curio.” This suggests that the ring could indeed be called Curio, but it’s also plausible that Samsung is reserving the name for future use. This smart ring could potentially control smart home devices, facilitate payments, and offer various functions like fitness tracking and notifications. However, Samsung has not officially disclosed details about the Samsung Curio’s features or release date.

Notably, Samsung has trademarked several other potential names related to smart rings and wearables, indicating its ongoing interest in this technology. However, the specifics of what Samsung has in store for smart rings are still unclear.

Recent reports suggest that Samsung is nearing completion of the Galaxy Ring’s development and might commence mass production in the coming months. Despite this, it’s unlikely that the device will be available before 2024 due to the need for medical device certification for its health and fitness tracking capabilities.

Given this timeline, it’s plausible that the Galaxy Ring could launch alongside the Galaxy S24 series next year. Despite the potential, Samsung missed an opportunity to showcase the product at its recent Unpacked event, which took place in its headquarters in Seoul, South Korea.

In conclusion, Samsung’s exploration into smart rings showcases the company’s ongoing commitment to wearable technology.Despite uncertainties, Samsung’s Curio and Galaxy Ring signify potential in shaping the future of wearable tech.

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