Nokia readies to comply with “Buy American” standards in U.S. Broadband initiative, boosting domestic production.

Nokia, a prominent global technology powerhouse, is poised to achieve a noteworthy milestone by becoming the pioneer technology provider to align comprehensively with the “Buy American” criteria outlined in Section 1640 of the U.S. economic stimulus strategy. This achievement is particularly relevant to the “Broadband Equity Access and Deployment” (BEAD) program, which is designed to enhance nationwide broadband access.

In a recent official statement, Nokia has made substantial progress in its endeavors related to domestic manufacturing. This ensures that its fiber broadband network products and optical modules perfectly adhere to the “Buy American” standards established by the U.S. Department of Commerce. Consequently, Nokia’s offerings will be eligible for the BEAD initiative, which designates funds for American-manufactured equipment. Notably, the BEAD initiative has allocated a substantial sum of $4.45 billion to improve connectivity in underserved and unserved communities.

Nokia’s commitment to bolstering the American broadband infrastructure became evident when the company announced its intention to produce broadband network products for the BEAD initiative. Teaming up with the reputable contract manufacturing services company, Sanmina Corporation, Nokia’s manufacturing operations will be based at Sanmina’s facility in Kenosha County, Wisconsin. This move is projected to create around 200 new job opportunities, underlining Nokia’s contribution to the U.S. economy.

Furthermore, Nokia has taken a pioneering stride in the telecommunications sector by becoming the first company to domestically manufacture fiber broadband optical modules within the United States. In collaboration with Fabrinet, a leading global manufacturer of precision optical products, Nokia will commence production in 2024 at Fabrinet’s facility in Santa Clara, California. This initiative not only boosts high-tech employment prospects in the region but also solidifies Nokia’s position in the American market.

By diversifying its product range and solutions, Nokia strategically positions itself to cater to the escalating demand from states and infrastructure stakeholders that are keen on advancing broadband technology. These significant measures underscore Nokia’s unwavering commitment to the U.S. market and reaffirm its standing as a foremost global technology supplier.

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