Xiaomi is testing four prototypes of the MS11 electric car, indicating progress toward its production.

Xiaomi is currently in the testing phase of its upcoming electric car model, the Xiaomi MS11. Reports indicate that the company has deployed four prototypes of the MS11 electric car on the streets of Xinjiang. During this time, Xiaomi’s CEO, Lei Jun, and Vice President, Lu Weibing, visited Xinjiang as part of the testing process. The official reason for their visit was to evaluate the consumer qualities of the Xiaomi MIX Fold 3, a product that had not been officially announced at that time.

All of the prototypes were concealed with masking film to maintain secrecy. Some of the spotted Xiaomi MS11 prototypes were equipped with LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology, while others were not. It’s speculated that the commercial version of the MS11 will offer both LiDAR-equipped and non-LiDAR configurations. This approach is common among Chinese companies, particularly in the automotive industry. LiDAR is often integrated into higher-tier packages for active driver assistance systems, while more budget-friendly options might not include this feature.

Xiaomi initially revealed its plans to develop an electric car in March 2021. If the company’s plans proceed as intended, production of the Xiaomi MS11 electric cars is set to commence in the first quarter of 2024. Notably, this project is expected to be the final major undertaking under the leadership of Xiaomi’s current CEO.

In summary, Xiaomi is actively testing prototypes of its upcoming electric car model, the Xiaomi MS11, in Xinjiang. The company’s CEO and Vice President were present during this phase, although the official purpose of their visit was related to assessing a different product. The commercial version of the MS11 is likely to offer options with and without LiDAR technology, following a common practice among Chinese automakers. If all goes according to plan, production of the electric cars will start in early 2024, marking a significant milestone for Xiaomi and its CEO.

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