Hrithik Roshan paused work on ‘Fighter’ to witness Chandrayaan-3’s landing, showcasing his dedication and national pride. Watch the moment here.

Actor Hrithik Roshan, displaying his patriotic fervor, temporarily halted all his ongoing work to witness the remarkable Chandrayaan-3 moon landing on a Wednesday evening. Taking to his Instagram stories, Hrithik shared a video featuring music composer Vishal Dadlani. In the video, Hrithik and Vishal were engrossed in watching Chandrayaan-3’s progress on a laptop within the confines of a studio where they were overseeing the post-production work for their upcoming film, ‘Fighter’.

The video commences with Hrithik Roshan capturing the suspenseful moment as Chandrayaan 3 draws nearer to the lunar surface. Accompanied by Vishal’s voice exclaiming, “All work has been stopped in the studio and this is what we are doing!The ‘Fighter’ director also briefly appeared in the recording, sharing the anticipation for Chandrayaan-3.. As Chandrayaan’s descent unfolds on the screen, Hrithik Roshan can be heard urging it on with enthusiastic words like, “Come on! Come on.”

Dadlani captioned the video with these words: “#TeamFighter stopped all work to watch #Chandrayaan land on the Moon today!!A moment of immense pride for India, @isro.in, science, and humanity! Sharing this historic moment with @hrithikroshan, @s1danand, and @abhijitnalani fills me with pride. Jai Hind!!” This achievement marks India’s distinction as the first country to successfully land on the lunar south pole and places it in the esteemed company of the US, China, and Russia as a lunar landing pioneer.

In unison with Hrithik Roshan, the entire Bollywood fraternity also extended their admiration towards ISRO for this historic feat.

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