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How to identify fake egg and real egg

Identifying fake eggs from real eggs can be challenging, as the methods used to create fake eggs have become more sophisticated over time. However, here are some general tips to help you differentiate between real and fake eggs:

Shell Texture and Appearance:
Real eggs usually have a consistent shell texture with a slightly uneven surface.
Fake eggs might have a smoother and more uniform shell texture.

Shell Color:
Real eggshell colors can vary, including shades of white, brown, and even light blue or green (depending on the breed of the chicken).
Fake eggs might have an unnaturally uniform color.

Shell Thickness:
Real eggshells are usually strong and resistant to light pressure.
Fake eggshells might feel slightly weaker or more brittle.

Egg Size and Shape:
Real eggs come in various sizes, and their shape can have slight irregularities.
Fake eggs might have more consistent sizes and shapes.

Real eggs crack open easily with a clean break.
Fake eggs could break with a slightly different appearance or might even have an unusual odor.

Egg Yolk and Egg White:
Real egg yolks and whites have a natural appearance and consistency.
Fake egg yolks and whites might lack the natural look and feel, potentially having a different texture or color.

Floating Test:
Gently place an egg in a bowl of water:
Fresh real eggs usually sink and lie horizontally at the bottom.
Older but still edible real eggs might stand upright or tilt upwards slightly.
Fake eggs might float due to air inside.

Egg Odor:
Real eggs have a mild, neutral smell.
Fake eggs might emit an unusual or chemical-like odor.

It’s worth noting that the manufacturing methods for fake eggs have improved, making them harder to distinguish from real ones. If you’re concerned about the authenticity of your eggs, it’s best to purchase eggs from reputable sources. Additionally, when in doubt, consulting local food authorities or experts can provide further guidance.

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