Faf du Plessis Elbow Injury Update

After grappling with a tennis elbow injury for nearly two years, Faf du Plessis is finally opting for surgery as a long-term solution. The South African cricketer had been relying on cortisone injections as a temporary fix during this time. However, the injury has now reached a point where surgical intervention is necessary.

This decision prompted the 39-year-old to depart from the ongoing Caribbean Premier League (CPL) season midway, leaving his team, St Lucia Kings, at the top of the points table. With two wins, a loss, and two no-results from five games, Du Plessis managed to score 112 runs in three innings.

Although satisfied with the team’s progress, Du Plessis expressed his mixed feelings, stating, “Happy with the results but obviously sad [that] I’m leaving at a crucial stage in the tournament when you feel like the team can start doing some really good things in the tournament.”

The elbow injury has taken a toll on his gameplay, particularly affecting his power shots. Du Plessis attributed this to the pain he experienced, which hindered his ability to generate power in his shots. Despite this setback, he noted that on smaller fields like those in the CPL, timing the ball well became a viable strategy.

Sikandar Raza will now take the reins as the new captain for the St. Lucia Kings for the remainder of the season due to Du Plessis’s exit. While losing a key player and captain is not ideal, Du Plessis expressed confidence in the team’s leadership depth, especially with experienced heads like Raza and Darren Sammy.

Du Plessis emphasized a collaborative approach to leadership, highlighting the value of involving various players in decision-making. Roston Chase and Johnson Charles were mentioned as key contributors to the team’s strategic discussions. Du Plessis conveyed his trust in Raza’s ability to steer the team effectively and acknowledged that Sammy would provide guidance during the transition.

In conclusion, Faf du Plessis’ decision to undergo elbow surgery underscores his commitment to the sport. As he embarks on this journey towards recovery, fans can only anticipate a stronger, more resilient player eager to make a triumphant return to the cricketing world, inspiring others with his determination and passion.


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