7 Easy Steps Business Registration in Cambodia Made Easy

Starting a business in Cambodia is an exciting venture, thanks to its welcoming investment climate and streamlined registration process. This guide, inspired by Johnny Chih-Yen Wu’s comprehensive approach, aims to simplify the journey for entrepreneurs. By breaking down the process into manageable steps, we ensure your path to Business registration in Cambodia made easy, clear and exhilarating.

Step 1: Determine Your Business Structure

Selecting the right business entity is the cornerstone of your enterprise’s foundation in Cambodia. With six entities to choose from, each offering unique benefits, your decision should align with your business’s nature, liability preferences, and long-term goals. Whether you opt for the simplicity of a Sole Proprietorship or the broader capabilities of a Public Limited Company, this choice is pivotal.

Types of Business Entities in Cambodia:

Entity TypeDescription
Sole ProprietorshipSingle owner, full control
PartnershipTwo or more owners
Limited Liability Company (LLC)Limited liability, flexibility
Public Limited Company (PLC)Shares offered publicly
Branch OfficeExtension of a foreign company
Representative OfficeMarket research, liaison

Step 2: Choose Company Officers

A crucial step in the registration process is appointing your company’s officers. This includes directors and shareholders, with requirements varying by company type. A Private Limited Company, for example, must have at least one director and can have up to 30 shareholders. It’s important to ensure these roles are filled by individuals who meet the legal criteria and align with your company’s vision.

Company Officer Requirements:

Company TypeDirectorsShareholders
Private Limited CompanyMinimum of 12 to 30
Public Limited CompanyAt least 3N/A
Single-Member Private Ltd. Co.N/A1

Step 3: Prepare the Articles of Incorporation

Your Articles of Incorporation are a blueprint of your company’s structure and intent. This document outlines key details like capital, business activities, and governance. Ensuring this document is thorough and compliant with Cambodian law sets a firm groundwork for your business’s legal and operational framework.

Step 4: Register Your Office Address

Whether in Phnom Penh or Siem Reap, registering your office address with the local municipal office is a testament to your business’s legitimacy. This involves submitting an application form, alongside other key documents like your Articles of Incorporation and business license, to the Mayor’s office of the respective city.

Step 5: Register Your Company with the Government Authorities

Business registration in Cambodia made easy with Utilizing the Online Registration Services through the Cambodia Data Exchange (CamDX) system is your gateway to official company registration. This step involves selecting your company type, reserving a name, and submitting detailed information about your business’s activities and officers. With a registration fee of KHR 2,155,000, this step culminates in obtaining your Certificate of Registration from the Ministry of Commerce.

Registration Steps For Business Registration in Cambodia Made Easy
Registration Steps For Business Registration in Cambodia Made Easy

Registration Steps:

  1. Create a CamDX user account.
  2. Reserve a company name.
  3. Submit required information and documents.
  4. Pay the registration fee.
  5. Receive the Certificate of Registration.

Step 6: Understand Capital and Currency Regulations

Navigating the financial requirements is key to a smooth business operation. With transactions predominantly in US dollars, understanding the minimum capital requirements and the process for fund transfers ensures financial compliance and stability.

Minimum Registered Capital Requirements:

Institution TypeMinimum Capital
Commercial BanksUSD 75,000,000
Specialized BanksUSD 15,000,000
MFIs (Deposit-taking)USD 30,000,000
MFIs (Non-Deposit-taking)USD 1,500,000

Step 7: Leverage Special Economic Zones

Considering special economic zones like the Manhattan Special Economic Zone (MSEZ) can offer significant advantages. Located near Phnom Penh, the MSEZ provides incentives and resources crucial for business growth and expansion in Cambodia.


Business registration in Cambodia made easy is not just a process but a gateway to endless opportunities in a vibrant economy. By following these seven steps, you’re not just starting a business; you’re embarking on a journey of growth, innovation, and success. Cambodia’s business-friendly environment, combined with a clear and straightforward registration process, makes it an ideal destination for entrepreneurs globally.

Embrace the potential that Cambodia offers. Begin your business journey today and witness your visions transform into reality in this land of opportunity.

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